Beaches, BEACHES and MORE BEACHES!! This is what you will find in Australia. There are small, big, long, deep, private beaches, beaches with parks and hinterland attached, in fact you will find beaches in all forms and shapes…..kilometers and kilometers of them…….of course, always swim between the flags!

The beauty of it all, is that you can come to any Aussie beach in summer or winter because seasons are so mild that you can enjoy them all-year-around. Some of the most famous beaches are Bondi Beach (Sydney), Surfers Paradise (Gold Coast), St Kilda Beach (Melbourne), Cottesloe Beach (Perth) and of course all the beautiful white beaches in the northern islands (Daydream and Hamilton Islands).

There is a reason why more than 80% of the population lives on the coast – Aussies love the beach and the chilled out lifestyle that goes with it.  What more could you want in life than to drive your combi to the beach, have a good surf and then enjoy a “barbie” (BBQ)?

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Australian Beach

Australian Beach



Australian Beach

Typical tag



Australian Beach

Detail of combi with aussie flag, life guard tower and the surfer in the back


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Revolution Australia (‘La Revolucion’): Australian clothing and t shirt company based in Sydney. Fresh from the barbie* our cool, stylish shirts are the perfect Australia gift. Match any of our t-shirt designs with your preferred size and colour, and buy online today!

From Designer: I hatched the idea in 2009. It all started when I was looking for gifts for family and friends who are overseas and the only t shirts I found were cheap, bad quality, bad designs and – worse – something I would never wear!

So… I thought I should start designing T shirts with a uniquely Aussie flavour…..shortly after, new T’s have been coming out of my barbie freshly cooked on a regular basis.

You won’t find my t shirts or designs anywhere else. I dont mass produce them and I dont sell them at stores or chains, thus each design could be considered a limited edition. Once I meet a target of 500 t shirts of the same design i will take it off the market. This is what makes the product special.

All Revolution Australia (‘La Revolucion’) t shirts are made in super soft, 100% cotton with slim-sporty fit.



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  2. Good designable t shirt for those person who like the Australian beaches.. Really cool..

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