If you are walking in Sydney, it is very likely you’ve seen “EARS” work on the street (real name is Daniel O’Toole).
He has been involved in the “street-art” scene for many years. He even has some work commissioned by pubs and cafes in several suburbs of the city to paint on their facades.

Ears street art

Ears street art

Now things are changing, EARS must be getting tired of the same old routine of painting on the street and is now moving into a more “traditional” form of art: painting on a canvas. I looked into his new work and I think it is just great!

I really like his work as it has changed/upgraded from a cartoon like drawing (which already was amazing) into real works of art. His use of colour is very balanced, the composition of his drawing across the canvas is fluid, and in some instances he inserts typography into the painting which I really like. I’m not an expert in art (not at all), or a curator or anything close to it, but if you ask me i would say: Keep an eye on EARS because he is going to be BIG!

For more information about EARS, visit his website http://earstotheground.net/

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