Have you ever seen MAN vs WILD with Bear Grylls on the Discovery Channel or Aussie channel SBS?

Bear is left in places where normal people would die…however he always manages to find his way back to civilization by showing us his special survival strategies and by eating disgusting things which include drinking his own urine, eating a dead yak’s eye ball and eating a giant larva…and no wonder he always survives!…Bear is an ex-British SAS and his hobbies are extreme adventures.

Anyway, now that you know what the program is about, check these really clever ads an agency in New Zealand did for MAN vs WILD.


man vs wild 1


man vs wild 2


man vs wild 3

Agency: DraftFCB, Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: James Mok
Creative Director: Billy McQueen, Chris Schofield
Senior Art Director: Kelly Lovelock
Senior Copywriter: Matt Simpkins
Producer: Jason Jones
Photographer: Julie-Maree Southen
Retoucher: Denny Monk

via adgoodness


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