I really like when something that can be so static and boring, such as a car park building facade comes to life.

UAP & NED KAHN Brisbane Airport

UAP & NED KAHN Brisbane Airport

UAP & NED KAHN Brisbane Airport

From Architects:
Urban Art Projects (UAP)
is collaborating with established American artist Ned Kahn and the Brisbane Airport Corporation to create an eight-storey, 5000sqm kinetic façade for the car park of Brisbane’s Domestic Terminal.

Viewed from the exterior, one side of the car park will appear to ripple fluidly as the wind activates 250,000 suspended aluminium panels. As it responds to the ever-changing patterns of the wind, the façade will create a direct interface between the built and natural environments. It is further embellished with rippling lines from the surface of the Brisbane River: a site-specific reference to the city’s most iconic natural feature.

Inside the car park, intricate patterns of light and shadow will be projected onto the walls and floor as sunlight passes through the kinetic façade. The design also provides practical environmental benefits such as shade and natural ventilation for the interior.

This large-scale work will create a mesmerising impression for passengers emerging from the terminal, arriving by car, or on the elevated Airtrain platform. It is expected to become a memorable icon
for the city of Brisbane.

The following video shows how the facade (kind of) will look and move BUT in a much larger scale.

Brisbane Domestic Terminal Car Park Façade
Client: Brisbane Airport Corporation
Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Artist: Ned Kahn
Artwork Title: Turbulent Line
ArchitectHassell Sydney
Curatorial: UAP, Natasha Davies
DesignUAP Studio, Daniel Clifford
Year: Completion 2011

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