First of all look at the view and the setting!

This is like the dream project for any architect. Close to mountains, next to water, in a green area you have to keep as untouched as much as possible and within beautiful a setting/surroundings that you have  to respect but take advantage at the same time. I think that the result is outstanding!

This project was a done by Tasmanian architects Morris Nunn and Associates, together with Chhada interior designers.

From Saffire Freycinet:
Architecture: The buildings are conceptually organic, reflecting the surrounding environment. Saffire evokes a connection to the sea, through references to waves, sea creatures, sand dunes and a flowing, organic form.

The design of Saffire is distinctly unique and recognisable, just like its location. The unmistakable peaked Hazards Mountains are framed in the main building’s roof line, and the suites below present like waves peeling on the shores below. The roof is made from curved Tasmanian wood beams, built in a ribbed structure with ply overlay which forms a smooth underlay for the Polymea membrane. Although complex in concept, the build and look of the roof present a very simple view without dominating the entire structure. The glass used has a very low percentage of reflectivity, allowing for maximum impact when viewing the surrounding coastal beauty both during the day and at night.

Design: Saffire takes its inspiration from the colours of the peninsula – the pink granite of the Hazards Mountains, the white sandy beaches, sapphire-blue waters and the grey-green of the native bushland. The aim was to connect the Saffire experience to the surrounding environment, seamlessly joining the outside with inside to create a relaxing and rejuvenating retreat. Saffire’s use of timber, stone and leather encourages an authentic, tactile experience, bringing the beauty and depth of nature into all facets of this exclusive property.
Where possible quality Tasmanian products and designers have been used to create a unique sanctuary that is soothing and healing, bringing an overall feeling of wellness and calmness.

Interior Design: chhada
….and if you feel like staying there go to saffire freycinet

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