If you are in Sydney you HAVE TO GO and try the food at PIER. It is, for my taste, one of the best (if not the best) sea food restaurants in the city. It’s located in a small wharf in Rose Bay and the dishes apart from tasting magnificent look amazing. Take a look!

PIER Restaurant, Sydney

From Pier’s website:
Since 1991 Pier Restaurant has been renowned as one of Sydney’s premium dining destinations. Internationally and nationally awarded as Australia’s finest seafood restaurant, owner and chef Greg Doyle has cultivated Pier’s reputation for its philosophy of sourcing only the very best produce available.

Awarded in 2007 Three Hats with the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide and Three Stars with Australian Gourmet Traveller, Pier continued to exceed expectations and won Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Of The Year in 2008 and was awarded a position in the prestigious San Pellegrino Best 100 Restaurants in the World in 2009.

Pier’s success and reputation lies in its attention to detail and dedication to the diners experience. Pier’s constant research and development into creating the perfect diner experience led Greg in mid 2010 to renounce Pier’s Three Hats and Three Stars to take the restaurant back to the diner and to the local community in Sydney. This was a move that has been unprecedented in the 25 year history of the Good Food Guide, but a move that has been strongly supported by the media and community.

Pier has in June 2010 undergone many changes to evolve it from a ‘dining experience’ to once gain simply a beautiful place to dine. Pier’s sublime waterfront settings, in combination with a menu that focuses on serving the best in seasonal produce, a diverse wine list and service that is attentive and friendly, has allowed Pier to reposition itself with a focus on serving the local dining community.

Pier is open seven days for lunch and dinner.

All images and text from Pier Restaurant, Sydney.


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