When visiting Sydney, most of the time you will end up going to Surry Hills.

Surry Hills is a very nice, trendy suburb that is located between the city centre and Bondi beach. It has amazing restaurants of all kinds: Nepalese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Indian and Italian among many many others, cafes, pubs, parks….. but a new building is the hightlight of the suburb. It is the Surry Hills library and community centre which was designed by FJMT…SO…after having lunch or before your dinner pass by this amazing building and why not, have a relaxing read.

Surry Hills Library and Community Centre

from Architects:
The Centre has been designed to achieve excellence in sustainable design and set new high standards in environmental performance for multi-purpose public buildings. [It] will be a starting point for the development of a green rating system for public buildings… [and] an innovative example of design and sustainable design possibilities.
— Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP

This innovative new building provides specific services tailored to community needs and includes an integrated local library, community centre and child care centre.

Establishing a new Australian standard of excellence for environmentally sustainable design in civic buildings, the building includes: use of planting together with a thermal labyrinth for passive filtering and tempering of air; incorporation of extensive natural light; solar-tracking timber louvre systems; automated fabric shading; mixed mode ventilation; extensive photovoltaic array; geothermal cooling bores; green roof; rainwater collection and recycling; and sustainable material selection.

The project has been rapidly embraced by the community and well received by industry being awarded UDIA Excellence in Sustainable Design award and the Australian Timber Design Awards Public Building high commendation

Architects: Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp
Location: Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia
Project Team: Richard Francis-Jones, Simon Barr, Lance White, Alison Jones, Misha De Moyer, James Perry, Josephine Turner, Peter Wise
Landscape Architects: Matthew Todd, Mark Brandon
Structural & Façade Engineering: Taylor Thomson Whitting
Contract Administrator: Altus Page Kirkland
Builder: WBHO Pro Build
Project Area: 2,497 sqm + 770 sqm of landscape
Project Year: 2007-2009
Photographs: John Gollings & Andrew Chung

via archdaily


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