The Sydney Art & About festival offers Sydney siders and all our visitors a chance to experience art related events, installations, photographic expos and art exhibitions. If you are in Sydney between September 23 and October 24, make sure you plan into your itinerary a couple of artistic activities to get some inspiration! enjoy.

From festival:
This year we celebrate The Sydney Experience, holding a mirror up to our city and offering a window to the rest of the world, with events, installations and exhibitions that reflect who we are and our place on our planet. While the genesis of this theme is from a specific place, and from our much loved Banner Gallery exhibition, the ideas it explores resonate universally and reverberate throughout the festival.

You will see our diversity, strength, wit, ingenuity, quirkiness, vulnerability and most of all humanity, through the eyes of our talented artists, curators and creative communities. Vastly experienced voices have worked alongside more recent ones, and they have all brought an exciting and distinctive flavour to this event. Art & About Sydney would not happen without their brilliance in producing work that surprises and engages a huge audience. We are grateful to them for making this year’s festival our most challenging, thought-provoking and inspiring.

Visit the Sydney art & about festival website

picture: That summer by Adrian Cook


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