Robert Wynne is an Australian artist who produces beautiful glass pieces. He has bowls, vases, plates, pockets, pebbles and sculptures made of glass. The colour combination is striking, the shapes and patterns are beautiful and the precision of his work and the skill that takes to make these pieces of art is magnificent. If you want to see more of his work go to

Robert Wynne

From Artist: My work portrays contrasting impulses within. I love the challenge of technical precision but I need to be able to play and explore. I enjoy making beautiful objects but I am not afraid to create pieces that evoke emotions more complex than just aesthetic appreciation. In some ways I’m an anarchist, I’m not happy when things are just comfortable. I am restless, always looking for an angle and this is reflected in a body of work that is quite diverse.

Having said this, there are common threads running through my work. I love the gorgeous glow of light through frosted glass. I highlight and contrast this with layers of colour and surface decoration; I frame it in bold forms that make strong visual statements. I take inspiration from a broad range of influences and have enjoyed developing my work with my partner, Yuri Yanai. In the spirit of diversity, the current work pushes on two fronts, more refined and greater freedom.

Wynne’s career has spanned over 25 years. In that time his work has appeared in many significant collections, publications and exhibitions. Below is a summary of his career so far.

Robert Wynne is one of the pioneers of the studio glass movement in Australia. He is represented in collections nationally and internationally.

Wynne’s work is distinctive, diverse and exciting. He combines expert blowing skills with a strong design aesthetic.

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