I like this project because it turns a normal facade into a piece of urban art. It gives shading, texture and organic shapes to a very ‘squared’ building. At the same time it allows natural light to go into the internal spaces whilst having natural ventilation.
Briefed to deliver a visual enhancement from the pedestrian viewpoint, the team identified the opportunity for an architecturally integrated artwork to wrap three sides of the building while obscuring car park activity behind. This liberated thinking between UAP and Nettleton Tribe who, instead of developing a sealed curtain wall artwork, presented a lasercut metallic screen which doubles as a naturally ventilated solution. This saved the client over 1 million dollars allocated to an enclosed ventilation system and significantly reduced the site’s carbon footprint and energy consumption.

Marchant’s screen creates a pedestrian viewpoint of the outlying landscape, visible from high above the site. The undulating lines wrap counter-clockwise around the structure, progressively diminishing until only a thread-like expression on the southern elevation remains.

The design is realised in 549 unique powdercoated lasercut aluminium panels with welded three-dimensional elements. These are mounted via a curtain-wall system with an innovative louvered mesh which addresses ventilation and light pollution issues while protecting the fine-lined artwork from vandalism.
PROJECT: 53 Albert Street
LOCATION: Brisbane, QLD, Australia
ARCHITECT: Nettleton Tribe Architects
ARTIST: Jennifer Marchant
ARTWORK: Landlines
ART MANAGEMENT: Urban Art Projects
PHOTOGRAPHY: Scott Burrows

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