When you are student one of the best things you can do is to get some sort of work experience. Most of the universities have internship teams that promote this sort of programs. Not all companies accept students (although they should ALL do). This is why I think this opportunity that Country Road gave to these RMIT students is fantastic….I’m sure the company gained a lot from them as well!

By Melanie Hick
Ten RMIT students brought a fresh touch to the styling of Country Road’s summer campaign in a workshop at the brand’s showroom in Melbourne. Four looks were selected from their work, appearing in the new catalogue and advertising campaign.

Sophie Holt, Country Road’s creative director said “It was fantastic working with the students. Really amazing. I wasn’t sure what they would be like but they were so entusiastic and I was really surprised to see how much they helped each other out.”

Viven Vittaldello the brand’s in-house stylist, and Fabio Ongarato, who’s company designs their catalogues, were on hand to lend advice on what makes a wearable outfit and a great photo.

Holt said that her company was looking for a fresh vibe for the new catalogue and ideas on how to look at the brand differently. “This is just the beginning of our work with RMIT and after the day’s styling, I feel really confident about the future of Australian fashion. They all had a real understanding of the balance between creativity and commerciality.”

Anna McLaren, Joanna Henning, Madeline Stagg and Helen Pappas were the lucky four who’s combinations caught the eye of the mentors and made it into the campaign.

Country Road has a long history of supporting students, not just through logo’d must-have school bags. One of their current employees is ex-RMIT and a number of students gain internships or work experience there during the November to March holidays.

Via: thevine

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