White rabbit is an Australian beer that is brewed in the Yarra Valley in the state of Victoria (Melbourne is Victoria’s, Capital city).  I really like all the detail in the illustration done for the branding. If you look at the bottle of the Dark Ale, the white rabbit is lying down on the left side but in the six-pack carton the white rabbit is jumping around in the woods. The packaging of the White Ale is the opposite. Everything is in small details….Nice one

From brainCELLS agency:
Little Creatures Brewing in 2009 commissioned the White Rabbit Brewery in the Yarra Valley Victoria. The new initaive is focused on delivering a unique dark ale using traditional European open fermenters that bring mysterious wild yeast character into play. brainCELLS was asked to develop the brand look and feel representative of the product, the region, and the eccentricity of the process.

Brand language
Packaging design
Point of Sale

Agency: brainCELLS
Illustration by Scribbles Illustration Studio (Malcom)

Pictures taken from brainCELLS


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