FROM SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS: www.bringsplendourhome.com


It’s not often that we get political, and in fact we would rather you never knew how much blood sweat and tears, and bureaucratic palaver go on behind the scenes in order to bring you our little old festival, but right now things are getting serious and we need your help.
Our application for a permanent home for Splendour has gone on public exhibition with the NSW Department of Planning and we need all the positive submissions we can get, and we need them now!“Hi Splendid people,Splendour In The Grass needs your help! This is our last chance to return to Byron, please take one minute out of your day and write a letter supporting our return home. North Byron Parklands is a beautiful site that will give you your most Splendid experience yet. You’ve shown faith so far, please trust us to continue to deliver an even better festival by taking this next step with us.”

But does Byron want us back? Hell yes they do! The majority of locals have expressed a strong desire to see Splendour back close to its home town. As is the way with such things, however, those who oppose speak loudest and longest while those who support or who think it will all sort itself out without them getting involved tend to remain quiet. It’s a pity we can’t teleport you all to the North Byron Parklands site so you can see it for yourselves. For the moment though, you will have to take our word for it and we simply have to implore you to go into bat for us.
The North Byron Parklands proposal is for a maximum of 20 days of events each year, with up to 12 of these days being for major events (of 10,000 – 35,000 people). Splendour in the Grass would occupy three of these 12 major event days.

This proposal means our land will have little to no activity for 280 days each year, thereby preserving the natural local environment. We have committed to increasing the size and function of the Marshall’s Ridge wildlife corridor which straddles the property. We are also working closely with the National Parks and Wildlife Service to increase habitat cover to make it easier for animals to move freely across the site and to protect and expand the adjoining Billindugel Nature Reserve. Even with the largest event we will use less than half of the land, leaving the majority of it for habitat use and bush regeneration.

If you have a passion for music and youth culture and want to support the future of Splendour, then help us build our very own event site at North Byron Parklands. We are asking all Splendour supporters to rally behind us and write a submission to the NSW Department of Planning in support of our proposal. Please show us some love so we can keep putting on our festival for you our loyal audience.

So it’s time to help out a friend; send in your positive submissions in favour of our proposal. There’s only 4 weeks to have your say. We thank you from the bottom of our heart.
Go to www.bringsplendourhome.com to begin your submission. It’s easy and it will only take you one minute.


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