So what is the perfect Australian gift you ask?

Whenever you travel to another country you always find ‘typical objects’ made for tourists and visitors. Normally local people would not buy or purchase any of these unless they are going overseas and they want to take something local or that at least represents that specific part of the world.

Australia is no different. You can buy Aussie gifts of every kind and the decision usually comes down to budget.

Some typical Australian gifts or Australian souvenirs could be the famous aboriginal items such as a boomerang or the instrument called a ‘didgeridoo’ (which comes with aboriginal patterns),  an aboriginal painting or cutting boards made with native timbers. If you are looking into buying replicas you will find these at affordable prices between $80-$150 BUT if you want original versions they will start at a couple of hundred Australian dollars.

On the cheaper side, you can find options such as miniature versions of Ayers Rock (Uluru) which is in the centre of Australia, wine bottle holders, bottle openers, or kangaroo, koala and platypus toys for the kids.

The best souvenir gift  options are those that are original, but affordable and are great Australian keepsakes. Australian T shirts. Everybody wears them, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy wearing a t shirt and they are very likely original Australian designs. There are companies that specialise on Australian motives or designs that represent the country, its places, cities or things in a cool way without being tacky or ‘touristy’, thus everybody would wear one.

If you like these t shirt, and you think they would be a good Australian gifts, visit Products are shipped all over the world and they come in both guys and girls shirt styles!…and there are more than 10 designs available for you to choose from.

Revolution Australia started as a reaction to the boring, very repetitive and extremely commercialized tourist business in Australia where most things are cheap and have a questionable quality assurance. These t shirt are high quality, soft cotton and the designs are not found anywhere else. This they will be a special gift or souvenir as not too many people will have one.


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