What do you do when you are looking for hight quality products to furnish your house or apartment but you don’t find anything to your liking? Toby Lewis, founder of Small Australian Projects had this same problem. His solution?…get together with leading architects and start producing high quality furniture. Take a look at the very nice results!


From Designers:
Small Australian Projects is a unique, design focused company that works with Australia’s finest architects to produce furniture that engages and celebrates national identity and environmental sensitivity.

Collaborating under one roof with award-winning Australian architects including Donovan Hill, Owen & Vokes, Durbach Block, m3architecture and John Wardle Architects, SAP aims to showcase the best of Australia’s architectural talent with a unique, diverse and affordable range of furniture.

This network of different architectural talent collaborating under one brand, together with our priorities towards the Australian environment, is what defines us as a company and we emphasise the emotional connection Australian’s have with their homes.

All of our products are designed by Australians, manufactured in Australia and use sustainable Australian materials.


Designer: Small Australian Projects
Author: Jan Henderson
Photographer: Jon Linkins

via australiandesignreview


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