Australians are crazy about drinking coffee. Everybody loves it.

You go to cafes (which are almost in every corner), order your take away coffee and they will give you a recyclable, paper cup. Yes, The coffee cups are recyclable, but there are so many of them used every day (100 million every year in Australia alone) that it is becoming a waste of resources and materials (ie. more than 15,000 trees are destroyed to cater this specific industry)

An Australian family came up with a solution to this specific issue and created the KeepCup. It is the first barista standard reusable coffee cup. The cup is made from polypropylene and you can customise / mark it so that the person serving you the coffee knows exactly how you want it. The other cool thing is that you can combine the colours however you want!

To know more visit the KeepCup website.

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