Aaron Wilson and Robyn Johnson are Melbourne based artists that create very nice pieces in metal. Their pieces can be mounted on walls or standing pieces for interior or outdoor spaces. Their work can be applied in Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape design. Check them out very nice!

From Artists:

Aaron wilson and Robyn johnson have created a distinctive gallery – studio that they believe offers something unique to the market. The Melbourne Bayside gallery has been designed to be interactive and enticing. Much like an artisan’s ‘work-in-progress’ the space offers an insight into their design processes as well as welcoming to clients who want inspiration and time to explore their desires and requirements.

From their new premises Wilson and Johnson offer a highly accessible custom-designed service, a wide selection of gallery pieces for purchase and a design range that can be made to order.

To best understand what they can create, imagine metal turned to liquid and then used to draw well-designed features that are often both functional and decorative. They create features for architecture, interior design and landscaping.

They design and craft every piece, without the use of components, templates or computer programs. Working in both mild and stainless steel, attention is payed to fine detail with meticulous finishing of all of their work. Using the highest quality coatings unique finishes are created for each piece.

Wilson and Johnson’s business partnership developed in an organic way; they first combined their individual skills to create a metal sign for a retail store that Johnson created the branding for. After thoroughly enjoying every aspect of that job they decided to build a business utilising all of their combined skills.

Wilson’s experience in engineering metallurgy, particularly in metal heat treatment, has afforded him a great deal of knowledge that has only fuelled a passion to design and craft steel. He also possess an intuitive ability to form and shape metal, evidently second nature when one witnesses him bend cold rod in a handmade jig.

Johnson has lived and breathed art and design all her life with creative projects and careers flowing into and over each other. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from Swinburne Institute of Technology in 1986 a successful career as an art director in advertising followed; the last significant venture was a stint creating several unique books that are published internationally. There is a creative thread running between the paper mechanics she created for her pop-up books, years art directing for fashion clients and her work in metal.

Amongst a varied range of commissioned works underway in the studio, is the constant creation of new and exciting works.


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