Take a look at the new VB (Victoria Bitter) beer tv ads. They try to showcase many superficial issues society is encountering at the moment such as plastic surgery and fake tans. VB asks men to question themselves if they have gone to far and to be authentic!! Quite funny.



Agency: Droga5 Sydney
Creative Chairman: David Nobay
Executive Creative Director: Duncan Marshall
Creative Directors: Cam Blackley and Matty Burton
Creative Team: Cam Blackley and Matty Burton
Creatives (other campaign elements): Guybrush Taylor, Chris Berents, Andy Ferguson, Marcus Johnston, Omid Amidi, Paz Molina.
Senior TV Producer: Paul Johnston
Business Director: Jamie Clift
Account Director: Esther Knox
Account Manager: Lucy McBurney
Planning Director: Sudeep Gohil
Senior Planner: Chris D’Sylva
Director: Steve Rogers
Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie
Production Company: Revolver
DoP/Cinematographer: Russell Boyd
Editor: Jack Hutchings at The Butchery
Music Production Company: Nylon
Sound Designer: Simon Lister & Tone Aston
Casting: Peta Einberg




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