BAMBOO PAVILION by Esan Rahmani & Mukul Damle

This project is a communal shelter solution for disadvantaged communities that are around the Indian Ocean Rim. The ‘Bamboo Pavilion‘ was created by Australian Architect Esan Rahmani together with . I think that Bamboo is one of those under-utilised materials in Architecture. It is so strong, flexible and cheap and easy to produce that many other structures and buildings should be done in this material. The other very interesting thing about this project, is that it channels all the rain water into the center where it is stored and filtered so that it becomes drinkable water.

From Architects:
The shelter is designed with quality of life in mind. solar access is therefore the central focus of the communal living area, where it is maximized by a radial funnel shaped opening in the structure and in sleeping areas operable shades allow light in, provide natural ventilation. the roof is tiled using quarter cuts of bamboo similar to traditional terracotta tiles. in plan the design allows for a large communal living space surrounded by bedrooms and amenities. All the structural elements make up a system of interconnected pipes (bamboo) which channel the rain water into a central drum where it is filtered and stored for use.
via archdaily


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