Fantastic new building designed by Fitzpatrick partners for Macquarie Bank in Sydney.





From Architects:
Client: Brookfield Multiplex
DevelopmentsSize: 35,000sqm

The bank building is located within one of Sydney’s harbour edge zones. It is separated from the city by a high level motorway, and views to the building are contained by surrounding commercial and residential developments. The design takes its keys from these constraints. It rejects the neighbouring buildings’ orthogonal grid of vertical columns and horizontal beams, mullions and transoms which is replaced by a strong diagonal grid on the external faces of building. This is instantly identifiable regardless of where it is glimpsed. It positions itself visually between the opposing styles of fun and festive harbour edge buildings layered with “sticks and bits”, and the mirror representation of “serious” commercial towers identified with the city.  It creates a separate external structural frame wrapper that encloses the glazed commercial volumes.

The external diagrid (two superimposed grids) obviates the need for perimeter columns to the office space, acting as both vertical lateral structural systems for the building. Only 4 columns are located within the centre line of the eastern volume. Lifts and stairs are therefore freed from their traditional bracing role, and are glazed to further enhance the activity and sense of movement through the building.

The building is split into 2 masses: a 10-storey block to the city edge, stepping down to a 6-storey block on the water side. Bridges link the two building masses, crossing an atrium space which is enclosed overhead by a glazed draped cloth falling over the buildings. The base of the atrium provides a “street” or heart for the commercial space. Raised one level above street level, and reached by escalators from the northern forecourt, the atrium becomes the building lobby and reveals directly the organisation structure on entering. The solution also freed the ground plane the activity and patterns of use is extended onto the King Street Wharf precinct through a mixture of food and beverage outlets. At night the building mirrors the surrounding street activity outside it, and actively integrates its ground uses with the urban mix.

The Macquarie Bank building was award 6 Greenstar rating.

Tenant Fitout by CWAPhotos by Eric Sierins


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