Secret squirrel produces very nice, relaxed pieces of clothing. Take a look!…and if you like what you see you can always buy them online at their store and




From designers:

From humble beginnings under a canvas umbrella at Sydney’s Glebe markets, Secret Squirrel has quickly evolved to become a recognizable and coveted label with wide media coverage everywhere from Vogue to Frankie magazine.

Creative couple Bri and Andrew bring their various talents together to create a shared vision in Secret Squirrel. Bri is a designer, qualified florist and award-winning graduate of Enmore TAFE; Andrew is a designer, musician and the brains behind fashion merchandise label Beesides. It is their love of music and vintage that are key influences in the labels unique aesthetic. Simple, elegant, young, modern and a little innocent – it’s clothing that oozes luxury but is never ostentatious.

In the past two years Secret Squirrel has earned it’s reputation as ‘one to watch’, with press coverage in Vogue, Marie Claire, Russh, Grazia, Frankie, Yen, Shop Til You Drop, Oyster, Harpers Bazaar, The Sydney Magazine, The Melbourne Magazine and countless more. Their designs have been worn by the likes of Sarah Blasko and Lisa Mitchell. The demand for their designs is an overwhelming testament to the loyalty they inspire in those who wear them.
via the vine



  1. Dacey says:

    Secret squirrel really did a great job .The clothing collection is awesome and i think it is comfortable for summer season

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