Stanisic Associates designed the Coda Building

by Architects:
The key passive design innovations and practices of CODA are a ‘brise-soleil’ in the form of 3m deep sunrooms that shade the living areas to the north and north-east elevations; adjustable environmental screen to the north and east which allow occupants to control their environment to improve personal comfort and reduce energy consumption; a range of tempered private outdoor spaces, such as winter gardens, loggias, sky terraces and sunrooms that eliminate the barrier between inside and outside, and eliminate the need for air conditioning and artificial heating; open gallery circulation and lobbies to apartments, extending around the communal courtyard; slender building form (enclosed space) of only 10 metre width; 100% naturally ventilated apartments with voids and sky terraces at upper levels which act as pathways for natural air and 100% two storey, cross-over plans with voids and volume for air movement.

 CODA comprises gallery, cross-over apartments with dual aspect and cross-flow ventilation, arranged in a spatial honeycomb structure. All apartments are shaded with sliding aluminium plantation shutters and folding glazed panels; access galleries are filled with natural light and air, and rainwater is recycled for irrigation of plants in the communal courtyards and use of plantation Spotted Gum for the balcony timber decks. The double storey apartment spaces allow the building to breathe naturally, avoiding the need for air conditioning. The building is capped with exceptional sky terraces and generous roof terraces and sunrooms. The building design carefully balances the effects of wind and water – the key elements of Feng Shui. 


Architects: Stanisic Associates
Project Team: Rob Harper, Peter Rush, Angela Rheinlaender, Adam Hobbs
Interior Architect: L3 Design
Landscape Architect: Aspect Sydney
Structural Engineer: SCP Consulting
Photographs: Patrick Bingham-Hall
via archdaily


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