I already knew this. In fact, Australia is THE BEST place to live on earth…no doubt about that!!!….they obviously don’t include the weather/climate of the countries in this study.

Check ABC video

Australia is the second best place in the world to live according to the United Nations, with Norway taking the title by a fraction in the annual Human Development Index (HDI).

The index compares 187 countries on factors including health, education, per-capita income and life expectancy.

Australia attained a scorecard of 93 out of a possible 100, followed by the Netherlands in third.

Grattan Institute economist Saul Eslake says Australia does particularly well in the life-expectancy category.

“By some measures we have a longer life expectancy than any other country except Japan, and that’s the main thing that lifts Australia higher up in these rankings than we would be if the only consideration was per-capita income,” he said.

“But overall, the combination of per-capita income, which has done well in Australia compared with other countries more seriously affected by the financial crisis, long life expectancy and reasonable levels of educational attainment have been enough to lift us into second place on this scale – in fact we’ve been there for a few years now.”

Mr Eslake says a large part of Norway’s income comes from oil.

He says that although Australia is deriving a good deal from its mineral wealth, the nation’s mining sector makes up a smaller proportion of GDP when compared to Norway’s petroleum sector.

“Oil has been trading at particularly high prices over the last three or four years,” he said.

“Norway of course has also been saving a good deal of its oil-related wealth in the form of a sovereign wealth fund that now holds more than $400 billion in it, whereas Australia hasn’t chosen to save much of its mineral wealth in the same way.

“Norway also has very high levels of educational attainment – more so than Australia – and although its life expectancy isn’t quite as high as Australia’s, it is pretty close.”

War-torn and poverty-stricken African nations, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Niger and Burundi were at the bottom of the list. Read more at ABC news

Article by By Bronwyn Herbert

Posted November 03, 2011 20:12:41 in abc.net.au


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