Australian-based company Trust Fun (Shane Sakkeus and Jonathan Zawada) created these really cool bags and scarfs.



From Desginers:
Bags: Completely hand made by us and each one totally unique, these silk/canvas/leather tote bags have been made in a very limited edition of 6. They are available from the Thousands Touring Shop in Sydney between the 5th and 15th of May, Upstairs The Commons, 32 Burton St, Darlinghurst, Sydney.

Scarfs: Inspired by nature, science and the Apocalypse, the Glory Scarfs show a spectacular display of colour, pattern and mathematics. An evolution from our previous ranges of hand dyed scarfs, each one is a mathematically valid fractal, painstakingly created by entering a series of numbers and equations into a computer, creating a potentially infinite variety of form, colour and detail bringing the skill and technique of handcraft into the digital age. This process means each individual scarf is based upon a completely unique equation and can never be replicated. As in nature, a rare organic creation digitally captured

Photograph by Lyn & Tony

via trend hunter

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