Cool project coming from Bondi (Sydney’s Eastern Suburb):

From Editors:
‘ Life In The Bubble is an insight into that other Bondi, the one the outsiders don’t see, a documentation of its hard work and individuality, and an outlet for its creativity’

It first issues feature photography by Toby Burrows, Hugh Stewart, Paul Barbera, Tim Bauer, Dean Tirkot, Jeremy Hudson, Romello Pereira and Andy Cowen and art by Bret Chan, Marcelle Robbins, Kate Mitchell from Greedy Hen and Mia Oatley, as well as illustrations by Thomas Jackson and Reeshma Bhanji.

Features articles by Sam Levy, Paula Arundell  and Stephen Oliver, poetry by Adam Gibson, Jay Furby Billy Plummer, and a short story by author Wil Gritten.

There’s also short films by Tropfest finalist Dan Jameison, Jay Furby, Dean Tirkot and burlesque dancer Anna Brown and from the Red Gaffa. Playlists by DJ Yoda, Lanie Lane and Crazy Penis and unplugged recordings by Nick Arnold.

It also includes regular articles by Bondi locals; herbalist Linda Bates, naturopath Saimaa Miller of The last Resort, spiritualist Andy Amos, biologist Spencer Varndell, stylist Stephanie Powell, Corner Shop buyer Elise Pioch, book reviews from Gertude and Alice and recipes from the chef’s of Bondi’s local restaurants. As well as interviews on locals Pip Jamieson of the Loop, Pablo of Chapelli Bikes, and that rare breed, those Born and Bred in Bondi.

Life in the bubble is brought to you by editors Samantha Simpson, Wil Gritten and Marsha Meredith.

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