The Oxlade house, located in Brisbane was designed by Arkhefield

From Architects:
The Oxlade Drive residence explores the idea of a singular graphic form extruded and stepped along a narrow inner suburban site. The internal spaces are captured by a boldly sloped rear concrete wall and steel roof. These elements create an armature to the rear whilst the full northern frontage visually and physically extends out into the external living spaces. 

Whilst unapologetically contemporary in its expression, the house is an abstraction of traditional housing typologies of a legible expressive roof form capping a grounded heavy weight base. A finer palette of crafted screening and cladding materials made from copper, timber and steel add texture and detail to soften the forms. An uncluttered, open planning arrangement maintains the clarity of the dynamic section internally and allows the focus to remain on the outdoor living areas.

Two simple ideas are explored in this project – a form based on a distinctive sectional extrusion, and materiality.

The shape of the extruded section directly responds to the side boundary setback requirements, overlooking issues and northern orientation whilst creating a bold graphic statement to the street frontage. The form is reinforced and humanised by a bespoke, crafted approach to detailing and the materiality of concrete, timber
and steel.

The internal spaces are arranged as a linear progression through the site commencing with the more private and contained rooms as a filter to the street, then moving into the more open and family-oriented spaces. The plan has been kept deliberately simple and uncluttered to ensure the form of the sectional extrusion is legible. All spaces have a simple and direct engagement with the pool, deck and garden which form the focus for the

This project continues the pattern of contemporary and eclectic urban renewal elements added as infill to New Farm’s existing Character Housing fabric. The provision of a filtered veranda to an elevated living room along the street frontage ensures an engagement with the street is maintained despite the sequestered environment created beyond the garden wall.

Whilst the aim was to create a bold, distinctive concept, the design also had to function as a comfortable and robust family home for young children. The use of natural materials and crafted detailing contribute to a relaxed, liveable environment. The engagement with the outdoor living areas from all spaces, and the interconnectivity of the open plan ensures family life remains the focus of this project.

Photography: Scott Burrows


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