Last week I posted an infographic about coffee….I thought I would post and publish information about beer (which is one of the most popular drinks in Australia). So here it is:

Beer Infographic

From FrugalDad: There are times when learning a few key pieces of information about something can help you to maximize the value you get from it. For example, I always used to think beer was unequivocally at its best when served ice cold. However, I recently was surprised to learn that most experts say beers are best served a little bit warmer—between 40 and 55 degrees. Between these temperatures, the flavors and aromas that make the beer experience complete are preserved and protected.

Beer and wine both can be wholesome elements of a healthy lifestyle, but they can become decidedly unwholesome if drinking becomes excessive. Excessive drinking is not only detrimental to your health, it’s expensive, and can easily become a drain on your finances if you’re not careful.

However, when enjoyed responsibly and in moderation, some studies are beginning to show that beer can be as heart healthy as wine, and bears some other potential health benefits as well. Read on to discover the case for responsible beer drinking, as well as some helpful tips on food pairing and optimal serving temperatures. In my opinion, if you slow down and enjoy it fully, at the right temperature and with some nicely complimentary food, you’ll be far less likely to enjoy it in excess, and far more likely then to reap the positive benefits of beer. Of course, you should always consult your doctor about what is most beneficial for your own health. Enjoy, I hope you find it informative.

History of Beer in Australia (from wikiepdia):

Beer arrived in Australia at the beginning of British colonisation. In 2004, Australia was ranked fifth internationally in per capita beer consumption, at around 110 litres per year, though considerably lower in terms of total per capita alcohol consumption. The most popular beer style in modern day Australia is lager.

The oldest brewery still in operation is the Cascade Brewery, established in Tasmania in 1824. The largest Australian-owned brewery is the family-owned Coopers. Foster’s Lager is made mostly for export or under licence in other countries, particularly the UK.

Some of big Australian beer brands are:

Australia also has many micro breweries that produce specialty beers which are very popular and include a great variety of Ales. 
Infographic Source:
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