This house is located in Anglesea (Great Ocean Road in Victoria) and was designed by

From Architects:
The concept for the house arose from site investigations to understand the conditions, both positive and not so, which impacted on the property. From within, the shape of the roof and materials reference traditional coastal timber boat-building as well as archetypal coastal houses. 

When viewed from the street, it sits discretely behind several old and gnarly Spotted Gums (Citriodora’s) with the living room and Sea deck connecting visually with the trees.

Timber-battened screens on either side of the house restrict views to the neighbouring houses and clerestory glazing and roof apertures give the occupants framed views of sky, the moon, tree tops, vegetation from all of the upper level rooms. 

The exterior timbers where chosen for various reasons including their bushfire resistance characteristics…

The concrete fins inside the house, along with the burnished concrete floor, [absorbs] heat from the sun, and [radiates] it into the room after sunset.


Architect: Seeley Architects P.L
Location: Anglesea Great Ocean Road area Victoria
Photographers: Zoe Economides, John Walker, David Seeley
via  habitusliving

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