New summer collection by Herringbone.

From Herringbone:

Since its inception, with a boutique line of men’s and women’s shirts in 1997, Herringbone has established itself as an iconic Australian brand — celebrated for its classic sartorial style and unwavering commitment to quality.
Now it offers a fully-fledged ready-to-wear collection complete with signature men’s and women’s shirts, tailored suiting, knitwear and an entire range of accessories including silk ties, cufflinks and bags.
Distinguished by detail is the brand’s fundamental philosophy and an ideology that is honoured on every level. This is evident from the fine fabrication, such as the Egyptian cotton that is used for shirting, and the sophisticated technology employed for finishes, in the form of chevron collars, contrasting side gussets, patterned trims, as well as the French, bell, chiseled and three button cuffs.
Additionally, clientele can personalize all of these through Herringbone’s prestigious bespoke tailoring service. 

With a new lease on life, Herringbone is now focusing on what the brand does best — providing timeless and ultimately wearable fashion of the highest calibre to its burgeoning league of loyal clientele.

Photography from Herringbone
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