DESIGN REVOLUTION AUSTRALIA publishes all kinds of creative work: design, paintings, sculptures, fashion, architecture, landscape design, interior design, food, urban trends (i.e. new bars, restaurants, cafes, art galleries), illustrations, events, typography and MANY other things that fall under the ‘CREATIVE/INNOVATIVE’ label. The only requirement is that the work/design/event is happening in Australia or it is designed/produced by an Australian.

We are delighted to communicate and showcase all the fantastic things being done and produced by Aussies.

If you are a cool designer, a visionary architect, an upcoming artist, a fashionista, a chic chef; if you are organising an event, concert, exhibition, festival; or if you are opening a restaurant, bar or cafe, or just want to see your inspired Aussie work published here, open your email and contact us.

It’s very easy, just send us the following data to:

ideas [at] larevolucion [dot] com [dot] au

  1. Name of company;
  2. Full name of creator/maker/company director and anybody involved in the project;
  3. Brief description of the project (this text will not be edited or modified. Please double-check spelling
  4. Link to website (if any)
  5. Attach images (minimum 700 pixels wide) or provide a link to your website where we can grab the images from. (images may be reduced in size but the format will be unmodified).
  6. If applicable, attach plans, sections, elevations, diagrams and sketches
  7. If its related to an event please include type of event, date and duration.
  8. If its for a restaurant please include type of food, prices, opening times, location and pictures of the food, restaurant and food being prepared.

We look forward to show the world your work, innovative idea or unique urban trend!

Note: For more information please check our copyright/privacy page


Supporters please email us information of events exhibitions and resources to: ideas [at] larevolucion [dot] com [dot] au. It will only take you 30 seconds!


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