We are passionate about design (or any creative work for that matter). There are plenty of blogs and websites related to design from around the world but not many focusing on creative work coming ONLY  from Australia. That’s why this blog was created…to show the world designs and urban trends with an Aussie flavour!

DESIGN REVOLUTION AUSTRALIA publishes all kinds of creative work: design, paintings, sculptures, fashion, architecture, landscape design, interior design, food, urban trends (i.e. festivals, concerts, new bars, cafes & restaurants) , advertisement,  illustrations, events, typography and MANY other things that fall under the ‘CREATIVE/INNOVATIVE’ label.

We are delighted and excited to communicate and showcase all the fantastic things created Down Under to the entire world.

Why DESIGN REVOLUTION? A radical change. A sudden, complete & marked change in something, back to a starting point.

If you designed or created something, have an Aussie related website or have something interesting you would like us to post here please check the “SUBMIT YOUR WORK” page.

Stay tuned, thanks for reading and have a good day!



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